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Focus on Results...

According to the World Health Organization, infectious diseases collectively
represent the most common cause of death worldwide. In the past twenty
years, however, very few new treatments have been developed for infectious
diseases. Immtech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE Alternext: IMM) aims to realize
significant returns by developing safe and effective cures for infectious
diseases that affect the global community. The Company is also positioned
to pursue a range of commercial opportunities in China and other emerging
global markets for healthcare products and services.


Focus on Infectious Diseases
Immtech Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the discovery and development
of therapies to treat infectious diseases that affect the global community.
The company is traded on the American Stock Exchange (NYSE Alternext: IMM).


Immtech Pharmaceuticals holds an exclusive, worldwide license to develop
and commercialize a broad platform of chemical compounds that have
demonstrated the ability to act against a number of infectious diseases.

Immtech’s unique drug discovery model includes multiple research efforts
conducted by a Scientific Consortium that includes world-renowned scientists
who advance the Company’s search for drug candidates by screening multiple
compounds for activity against specific microorganisms. We have exclusive
license to a family of compounds covered by patents issued worldwide.
Immtech is working on promising pre-clinical drug discovery programs to
identify new treatments for a range of infectious diseases including
hepatitis C (HCV), fungal diseases and multi-drug resistant strains of bacterial
infections. Read more about our exclusive technology platform.


Global Commercial Opportunities
We look for opportunities to develop strategic partnerships and alliances. Partnership with other pharmaceutical companies and international health organizations could provide an established distribution presence for Immtech in developed and developing markets as well as complementary expertise or access to a partner drug.

Our ongoing drug discovery activities include programs in hepatitis C (HCV), fungal diseases and multi-drug resistant strains of bacterial infections. We are open to the possibility of collaborative development, licensing or distribution partnerships in these target indications. Immtech’s extensive experience in drug development, manufacturing, and regulatory procedures in China represents a significant resource for both our own development programs and for companies seeking to pursue commercial opportunities in this fast growing market.

Please contact Eric L. Sorkin, our Chairman and CEO at rsorkin@immtechpharma.com.

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