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Research Focus

By targeting infectious diseases, Immtech is positioned to develop treatment regimens
and clinical development programs that are short and that have clearly defined endpoints.
Therefore, while our potential target markets are measured in millions of dollars, our
clinical trials are typically short in duration and can involve fewer patients than trials
required for drugs addressing chronic and more complex diseases. Our trials target a
specific event -- the absence of infection -- which can usually be determined in days or
weeks instead of months or years.

Our development experience has also provided essential insights into the regulatory
environment for products for infectious diseases around the world.


Immtech Pharmaceuticals' Scientific Consortium has designed and synthesized thousands
of compounds to create a large and diverse library. Our researchers screen many of
these compounds through a wide variety of in vitro assays and in vivo models. Positive results
from these screens have provided the foundation for several potential discovery programs.
These capabilities and resources will ultimately enable Immtech to bring forward new preclinical
and clinical drug candidates. Thus far these discovery efforts have generated lead optimization
drug candidates for treating hepatitis C, fungal diseases and multi-drug resistant strains of
bacterial infections.


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