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Investor Information

A large
global market
We aim to deliver a high-growth pipeline of new potential products, protected by an extensive portfolio of issued patents and patent applications.

The Opportunity

Immtech is focused on an opportunity inadequately covered by large pharmaceutical
companies: the development and commercialization of oral drugs to treat infectious
diseases in developed as well as developing markets. Infectious diseases collectively
affect billions of people, and the potential sales opportunities are substantial.

Immtech's library of proprietary compounds positions the company to identify and advance
new product opportunities targeting multiple diseases. The company's drug candidates for
development are showing early-stage promise as potential new treatments for hepatitis C
(HCV), fungal diseases and multi-drug resistant strains of bacterial infections.

The Advantage of Market Exclusivity

Immtech Pharmaceuticals holds an exclusive, worldwide license to develop and commercialize
a broad platform of chemical compounds that have demonstrated the ability to act against a
number of infectious diseases.

Our Scientific Consortium includes world-renowned scientists who advance our search for drug
candidates by screening compounds for activity against specific microorganisms. We have
exclusive license to a family of compounds covered by patents issued worldwide.

Read more about our exclusive technology platform.


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