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Technology Platform

Our compounds appear to fight infections by a variety of mechanisms, significantly reducing chances that drug resistance will develop over time.


Immtech holds an exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize a broad
platform of proprietary compounds that encompass several different chemical classes.
These newly-designed proprietary compounds are broadly active against infectious
organisms that cause fungal, parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases. Moreover, the
compounds appear to fight infection through a variety of mechanisms, which significantly
reduces the likelihood that drug resistance will develop over time.

Mechanism of Action (MOA)
Through decades of research efforts by world-renowned scientists in the Company's
Scientific Consortium, Immtech has developed a library of novel compounds that have
shown significant promise in targeting infectious diseases. Known as aromatic
cationic compounds, they are distinctive in having at least one positively charged
end and at least one benzene ring in their structure. Many of these compounds are
aromatic dications, which are generally molecules with two positive ends held together
by a linker. Though the mechanisms of action of these compounds are not completely
understood, many demonstrate activity in preventing growth in pathogens. By focusing
on the composition of dications, with positive charges on the ends and links of different
length, shape, flexibility and curvature, researchers work to develop compounds able to
target DNA or other receptors with specific and controlled binding capabilities.

Historically, development related to this class of compounds has been limited by
their inability to be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract or to be
transported across the blood-brain barrier. These capabilities are essential if
drugs based on these compounds are to be effective in treating many infectious
diseases. Immtech's Scientific Consortium has developed a proprietary, pro-drug
technology that has been proven effective in enhancing the oral delivery and systemic
availability of aromatic cationic compounds.

From its proprietary intellectual property portfolio of cations, Immtech has
identified promising compounds for investigation in treating hepatitis C, systemic
fungal infections and multi-drug resistant strains of bacterial infections. These
indications represent urgent areas of unmet needs in global health that affect


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